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Digital transformation (DT) is a broad field for IT and strategy consulting companies. It requires a special mixture of cross disciplinary competences and experiences. While pure IT consultants find themselves progressively in new situations of organizational change or ethical considerations (e.g. autonomous driving), strategy consultants are asked more often for support in technological problems. IS literature has elaborated socio-technological concepts, but in terms of DT those models leave an open point regarding ideas to boost a complete digital shift of a corporation. This paper tackles the role model and skill shift of consulting firms with a multiple case study. We included well-experienced companies of the DT field and found why and how IT and strategy consultants can learn from each other to handle DT. Based on our case study findings, we provide a model for IS researchers and draw pragmatic recommendations for consulting firms.
MKWI 2016

Recent Publications

  • IT Consultants as Change Agents in Digital Transformation Initiatives

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  • From Smart Meters to Smart Products: Reviewing Big Data driven Product Innovation in the European Electricity Retail Market

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  • Marketing Case Study: Canadian Jet

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Getting rid of wordpress overhead As I was getting more and more frustrated using Wordpress in terms of speed, security aspects and overhead, I was impressed by Hugo. Hugo is a really fast HTML rendering engine which allows you to work in the editor of your choice or directly in a console. Thanks to Dominik Hermann for this idea by the way ;-) Outlook Now, what is the plan for this site?

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